The Truth about the “Law of Harmony”

“Law of Harmony”

Today I want to address an incomplete teaching and belief system or concept that so many people hang on to and by doing so they have went against the Law of Harmony.

Not obeying the Law of Harmony is what has held mankind in bondage and distress for ages.

First before I begin, all the personal development work must be built on a strong foundation of the Law of Harmony. If not based in the Law of Harmony it will not be sustainable no matter what it is. The Law of Harmony is the most important and most ignored Spiritual Law. The ego or personality has power, but the only power it has is supplied to it by Source, God, or the “I AM Presence” and governed by the Law of Harmony as a foundation of Spiritual Law.

Through the Law of Harmony all Life is created, sustained and supplied by what I will refer to as God or “I AM” and the is a supported through the Law of Harmony. Once the personality has used up the power it has been supplied by God in its effort to sustain anything by the puny human will, the “thing” that personality is trying to sustain falls apart. This is because harmony in the feelings or the Law of Harmony is not obeyed. You see human creation can only be sustained by the attention given to it and the energy and power to do this comes from your “I AM Presence”. The power to sustain perfection in the physical form is by the Law of Harmony. Energy is provided pure and harmonious and each one qualifies it or colors it with discord and imperfection. This is where the Law of Harmony is first broken.

If you or anyone will put their attention on the only giver in the Universe which is God and hold your feelings harmoniously, obeying the Law of Harmony, all perfection would manifest in your world. It is the Law. What happens is that mankind puts their attention on their human concept about what they think they want instead of the “I AM” that creates it all and supplies exactly what they truly desire for their highest good but can only do so if the Law of Harmony is adhered to. By not doing so you qualify or color the energy with your own imperfect human concepts and the results you get are not how you wanted them, partial results or no result at all.

If your “I AM Presence” was left alone to flow thru you and out into the world, free from your imperfect qualifications, the Law of Harmony would naturally act and your “I AM Presence” would created such perfection, health, peace, beauty, abundance that you in your human mind can’t even imagine. It would bring to you such joy and happiness unlike that which you have ever known all due the the natural flow of harmony, the Law of Harmony. You see it is you the real you and this “I AM” which is the real you, has infinite intelligence and only desires to produce perfection for you. If you obey the Law of Harmony it will naturally produce only perfection in your world.

What makes you think that Your Own Infinite Intelligence doesn’t know exactly what will bring you the most happiness? Only through your disconnection to the power that beats your heart and the concept of separation you live in would you ever “think” you in your human mind could know anything about a perfection you cannot even comprehend. Now my dear friend, I know that is hard to swallow, but it is what has been going on in your world and yes it is totally arrogant.

Now that this is clear and distinct in your mind and has your attention, ask your “I AM Presence” to show you the truth of these words, the truth about the Law of Harmony. Don’t believe me, ask your infinite intelligence to prove it to you. The incorrect concept held by so many people that I started out with is this:

It has been taught that if you change your thoughts about a thing, then your feeling will change and you will see the results or manifestation. How’s that been working for you? Not so well, I will venture to say because it isn’t in alignment with the Law of Harmony. Now let’s bring clear understanding to this.

You have been told that thoughts and feelings create and that when you align them with each other you will have what you want or have your manifestation. What you are not told is that the feeling is something you have. You have feeling before you ever form the thought. The feeling is also your powerhouse. Your feeling in alignment with the Law of Harmony is what brings your manifestation into form. Your thoughts will follow your feelings. If you don’t believe this then just try it for yourself. Use the Law of Harmony first command Harmony in your feelings then your thoughts will follow effortlessly.

Here is the Law of Harmony. If you harmonize your feeling, your thought will automatically line up with the harmony and you will create favorable results according to the harmony you hold. If you held perfect harmony in your feelings only perfection could and would manifest in every area of your Life. This is exactly the Law of Harmony and how it works.

It is by not being obedient to the Law of Harmony that you experience any distress or discord in your world. Whatever you feel and think about you are sending your energy into and it must come back and express itself in your world. So if you are sowing anger, criticism, condemnation, judgment, blame, hatred and all other feelings like this then that is what you will reap in your Life and world. Don’t fool yourself, mild dislike is a form of hatred. You will reap what you sow, it is the Law of the Circle. The only reason you don’t experience all you desire and want in your world is because you are not obedient to the Law of Harmony.

Once the feeling has begun and you try to change the way you are thinking in hopes that your feeling will change. For the most part this is a lost effort. But as soon as you “choose” to harmonize your feelings align with the Law of Harmony, with love and peace your thought will effortlessly change to match it. What you feel is your choice and you can govern and control your feelings.

Your feelings are your powerhouse to the Law of Harmony of your Being. When you hold enough harmony in your feeling, no matter what conditions in the outer world may suggest, your world will soon begin to express this Law of Harmony. Then a perfection, joy and happiness will fill your world that you in your human personality can’t even imagine.

I love you!

From Our Treasure Chest To Yours,


Law of Harmony

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